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Why Slayed Sets Press-Ons?✦ 

Slayed Sets Press-Ons are perfect for those who want an instant full set at home without sacrificing professional quality, look, and feel. They're perfect for those who like to switch their styles frequently because they can be popped on and off but can also be applied to last for weeks. Slayed Sets Press-Ons are truly for everyone 💞

I use 100% soft gel tips and high quality nail products to provide on-brand and artistic nails straight to your door. No wholesale nails or designs! Each set is 100% handcrafted, creating aesthetic and one of a kind manicures for you 💅🏿💅🏾💅🏽💅🏼💅🏻💅

✦What is my size?✦

Please refer to the size guide here.

If you are unsure about your sizes, it is highly recommend to order a size kit ­here in the shape and length you plan to order. A perfect fit aids in the comfort and longevity of your manicure.

A more detailed explanation of sizing can be found here.

✦What is included with my set?

All sets come with 10 nails, an application kit (alcohol pad, nail glue, cuticle pusher, nail buffer, and nail file), an instruction card, and free stickers. 

✦What is the processing time?

All sets are made to order by me and can take 2-20 business days to be completed (turn around time is usually one week but it depends on the amount of orders I have), excluding shipping time. 

Next day or two-day processing times apply to everything that is not made to order which includes sizing kits, cuticle oils, and ready to ship sets. If these are ordered alongside a made to order set, everything will be shipped together. 

✦How long will my set last?

When prepped and applied correctly, nails can last up to 2 weeks, however it depends on individual wear and tear. Prep and application is key! With proper care, sets are also reusable.

✦How do I safely remove my set?✦  

If going to be reused, soak your nails in warm soapy water, allowing the water to seep between lifting parts of the nail. Adding oil around the cuticles will speed up removal time. DO NOT pull the nails off as this will damage your nail beds and affect the wear of your future sets. 

Sets can also be removed by clipping and soaking your nails in acetone; however, they will not be reusable. 

✦How do I re-use my set?

It is recommended to purchase an inexpensive e-file to lightly file glue residue so that the nails can be reapplied. 

Application kits can also be repurchased.

✦Are custom orders available?

Yes! I enjoy making custom sets, please DM me via instagram @slayedsets or email me at customs@slayedsets.com.

To see starting prices click here for classic sets and here for airbrush sets. Note a purchase through my website is required for me to begin working on the set we agreed on.

*Customers can bring inspo pics from other nail artists however, please note that I may refuse to replicate another artist's work or I may refuse to create a specific nail design*

✦My question was not answered here :( ?

For any additional questions, please send me an email at info@slayedsets.com 

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