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Please refer to the size guide here.

If you are unsure about your sizes, it is highly recommended to order a size kit ­here so you can size your nails in the shape and length you plan to order. A perfect fit aids in the longevity of your manicure!

PLEASE NOTE, sizes/fit of the nails may vary slightly for different shapes/lengths, so, your size in one style will most likely but may not match the exact size in another style.

*Note press-on nails get bigger the lower the number. For example the biggest size will always be "0" and the next number "1" is smaller than "0" and so on. For regular lengths, the nails run from size 0-9, 9 being the smallest and XXL lengths run from 0-11, 11 being the smallest.*

In the event that your nail bed is in between sizes, choose the slightly bigger size. The nail can be lightly filed on the sides with the provided nail file and made smaller in the event that it is too big when you receive your set.

Filing the sides of the nails with the provided nail file is better than applying a nail that is too big as glue can seep onto your skin and cause lifting. When the nail is too small, forcing the nail onto your finger will cause your real nail to become sore, uncomfortable, and the press-on will pop-off. For the health and safety of your nails it is important to know your exact sizes so your Slayed Set can feel and look perfect 💞💞

If you have any additional questions that were not answered here, please feel free to DM me via instagram @slayedsets